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Welcome to Chimney 101 – the online resource for chimney systems by Obadiah’s Woodstoves. A chimney is a huge part of your heating system, and its very important that you have it configured and installed properly. Without the proper chimney system, the best heating appliance in the world will not operate and function properly, leaving you disappointed.

We work hard to provide our customers with the knowledge required to make an educated on the best heating system to meet their needs. Our goal is for our customers to have access to as much knowledge and information regarding their heating system as they could possibly ever want. We are always here to answer your questions as it is important to us that you make the right choice for your home heating needs, chimney or otherwise.

We offer a 20% discount and free shipping on complete qualifying chimney systems. While we do provide excellent pricing, we pride on our exceptional customer service. We guarantee to provide you with prompt and friendly service for the lifetime of your purchase. Regardless of if you need help with the installation, or help 10 years down the road, we are here for you.