Chimneys: Frequently Asked Questions

I always like to discuss chimney with my customers up front, as all solid fuel appliances require a chimney system, which comes at an additional cost. Many people are uneducated when it comes to the cost of a chimney system. Chimney systems start at approx. $900 – $2,400 for a complete chimney system, depending on the type of chimney you choose, and how many feet are required.

Many people will ask about the difference between different brands of chimney. Here are a few things to look out for when shopping for a chimney system:

  • What is the warranty? All chimney systems we sell come with a lifetime warranty. Note: cheaper chimney systems usually lack on their warranty.


  • Is the chimney constructed of Stainless Steel or Galvanized material? Note: Galvanized chimney runs less expensive, and can be used if installed indoors or enclosed in a chase. We always recommend having stainless steel chimney if the pipe is exposed to the elements.


  • What is the rating of your chimney system? There are (2) ratings for North America. In the USA chimney systems are required to pass a safety testing of (2) separate 15 minute chimney fires at a temperature of 2100 degrees. In Canada, chimneys are required to withstand a single 30 minute chimney fire. Obviously, a single 30 minute chimney fire will reach hotter temperatures than a 15 minute chimney fire. Overall, Canadian rated pipe has a higher safety rating and is higher quality. Also, for my Canadian customers, all chimney pipe in Canada must be Stainless Steel, no galvanized chimney allowed! Please note: not all brands/types of chimney systems are approved to be sold into Canada.


  • What brand of chimney should I choose? Our top selling brands of chimney, are Duratech and Ventis chimney. Duratech is one of the biggest names in the industry, and is probably the most common brand of chimney sold in North America. At Obadiah’s we prefer Ventis Chimney, for a few reasons. 1) Its rated to Canadian standards, making it a safer chimney system. 2) It only comes in stainless steel, for the highest quality chimney available. 3) Made in America. 4) Lifetime warranty, and best service in the industry!

Ready for a quote on a chimney system? Click our link to calculate your chimney online, or call us today with any questions or concerns you have regarding chimney systems.