Solid Fuel Chimney Pipe: When Should You Use It?

What is solid fuel chimney pipe? Solid fuel chimney applies to wood, coal, and oil burning appliances. Please note, pellet and gas burning appliances require different types of chimney. There are various different types of solid fuel chimney pipe. There is single wall or double wall black chimney, which is used on the interior of the home, before penetrating and ceiling or call. There is Class A Insulated Chimney, which is used after you penetrate the ceiling or wall. Finally, there is air cooled chimney. Air cooled chimney usually does not have any insulation in the pipe, but uses an airspace which brings cold air back down the chimney to reduce clearance to combustibles. Please note, air cooled chimney is not recommended in climates that drop below 32 degrees.

Why shouldn’t you use air cooled chimney in cold climates? There are many factors as to why insulated chimneys are recommended in cold climates. Listed below are the reasons not to use air cooled chimney in a cold climate:

  • Cold air comes back down the chimney, this can cause a problem with the hot air rises and thus your chimney may not draft properly.
  • When the chimney does not draft properly, you can have smoke coming back down the chimney, and into your home.
  • Cold air coming down the chimney can cause condensation, which may lead to mold issues.
  • Please note, that not all appliances allow an air cooled chimney to be installed. In fact, most wood stoves, cook stoves, furnaces, fireplaces, and boilers require a Class A Solid Fuel Insulated Chimney.

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